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For Immediate Release
May 2, 2001
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Representative Ro Foege
515-281-3221 Capitol

Foege Says Children Before Tax Cuts

Des Moines, Iowa – State Representative Ro Foege said today that it is “simply wrong” to cut programs for our children while providing tax breaks for some of the biggest companies in Iowa.

“In a tight budget year, our first priority should be the health and welfare of our children,” Foege said. “We must maintain good schools, we must protect children from abuse, we must insure they receive the medical attention they need, and we must make sure they play in safe, drug-free neighborhoods.”

“It is inconceivable to me that in a year when reading readiness programs may be dismantled and school technology funding is being threatened, that we would use precious state dollars to provide tax breaks for some of the wealthiest in this state.”

“There is a time for more tax cuts but this year is not that time,” Foege argued. “Instead, as we tighten our belts we must make sure that our limited resources are allocated to our most important priorities.”

“It is not as if we have not provided any tax cuts this year,” Foege noted. “Earlier this year, the legislature enacted one of the largest and most progressive tax cuts in modern memory. This tax cut will eliminate the sales tax on gas and electricity and will benefit all Iowans. By comparison, the tax cuts debated this week benefited only a small number of Iowans.”

“I will continue to fight for our children and average Iowans,” Foege said. “It is for that reason that I was compelled to vote against a number of special-interest tax cut bills that came before the Iowa House of Representatives this week.”

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