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As a parent, grandfather, and my work at Grant Wood AEA, developing responsible and successful students has been my goal and passion. As a grandfather of seven, I know how important it is to build a brighter and better future. A good education and good parenting are the most important gifts we can give to Iowa’s youth. 

Policies and programs should all be designed to strengthen and support families. We know we need to continually improve our schools. We must recruit and retain the brightest and best teachers in Iowa. We know that children have the best opportunity for success when their parents participate with the school. I believe parents and grandparents must volunteer at our children’s schools and help with homework. For a quality education, Iowa’s children need parents who get involved and stay involved. 

Our children also need good health care to be successful in school and later as adults. That's why I worked hard as a member of the Children’s Health Insurance Task Force to have health care available for all of Iowa’s children. Children with untreated illness often cannot keep up in school. Children sitting in class with pain or discomfort are simply not able to learn.

Ro works...

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