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Ro Foege works
for better healthcare
for all Iowans.

My 94 year old mother resides in an assisted living facility and my mother-in-law is well cared for at the Solon Care Center. Both of these important people in our lives were able to live in their own home until this past year because of good community based services. As we grow older, we want to be able to stay in our own home as long as possible. That's why I have worked hard to have meals-on-wheels, in-home health services, day care, and co-ordinated management of community services for all senior citizens. And that's why I will continue to work to make community based services available everywhere in Iowa. 

I want to make sure that families and their medical providers are free to make their own medical decisions, without interference from insurance companies and HMO's. That is why I introduced legislation that would require insurance companies and HMO's to be as responsible for their medical decisions as your doctor and nurse. Because Iowans know that health care decisions should be made between docs and their patients, I sponsored legislation which would make that reality.

I am very concerned about the escalating cost of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs have become too expensive for some Iowans and we need to make sure that no one goes without medications they need. And, we need to ensure that people with mental illness are considered under the same standards as people with physical disabilities. The fact is when you break your leg, you go to the emergency room. When you feel a pain in your chest, you get to the doctor. But, unfortunately, too few people seek treatment for mental illness, fearing the shame and stigma attached to these disorders.

Ro works...

for Iowa kids and families

for all of us!

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